eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health. The main objective that we want to address on eHealth Member States works together with a common vision at EU Level, Country and Regional level to promote and strengthen the use of ICT in health development, from applications in the field to EU governance and strategies implementation. Reflecting the increasing importance of eHealth as a resource for health services and public health, given their ease of use, broad reach and wide acceptance from citizen’s.

The EU health strategy “Together for Health” supports the overall Europe 2020 strategy. Europe 2020 aims to turn the EU into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy promoting growth for all – one prerequisite of which is a population in good health.

A joint action is a collaborative action between Member States/ Countries (MS/C) participating in the third Health Programme (see more: to develop, share, refine, test tools, methods and approaches to specific issues or activities and engage in capacity building in key areas of interest.

Joint Actions have a clear EU added value and are co-financed by European Commission and MS authorities that are responsible for health.